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How to Edit ID3 Tags?

ID3 tags are information fields contained within the MP3 data such as who the artist is, what album the track comes from, and so on. Total Recorder Editor allows you to view and edit this information. Download and install Total Recorder Editor to edit ID3 tags for later checking.

Step 1. Input an Audio File

Launch Total Recorder Editor. Click "Open" to activate a browser window, in which you can select a MP3 file from your computer. Then, click "Open" to input it to the program.

Input an Audio File

Step 2. Edit the ID3 Tag

Now click "File" tab of the Ribbon Command Bar to choose "Edit ID3 Tags" to activate the ID3 tags editor window. You can enter various information, such as title, artist, album, genre, year and comment to edit ID3 tags. Then, click "OK" and you will get the ID3 information added immediately.

Edit the ID3 Tag

Step 3. Save the Changes

Go back to the "Home" tab and you can save the file by clicking the "Save".
Save File: to save the changes to the original file.
Save File As: The file that has been edited can be saved with a different file name and/or location.

Save the Changes

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